Special Offer to assist our Independent Consultants in their Multilevel Marketing Journey in this very trying Covid19 Lockdown period

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In these difficult times where millions of people in our country already lost their jobs, it also effects us as Annique Independent Consultants losing income. Therefor – we need more consultants joining us and we need more sales. In anRead More

Multilevel Marketing Solution: Why DADIE and a Webshop?

Each and every multilevel marketing consultant’s personal success and growth, depends on a unique attribute: personality. #Multilevel_Marketing_Solutions This multilevel marketing solution consists of DADIE for offline customers and Webshops for online customers. A joint venture by Mactron and Techniworld. YourRead More

Anne-marie, Witpoortjie

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DADIE het my in staat gestel om my Annique besigheid beter te orginaseer en ‘n professionele diens aan my kliente te lewer. Ek kan ‘n epos stelselmatig aan al my kliente (of ‘n geselekteerde groep) stuur deur net een boodskapRead More

Annique Independent Consultant

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Dear DADIE by MacTron Systems In the years that I have been an Annique consultant one if the things that has been difficult is to keep track of my clients, stock, sales and profits. Dadie has changed that….it takes careRead More

WordPress Freelancers

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As a web hosting company, each client comes with their own challenges. Dadie not only brings it all together, but will continue to customize the system according to our unique customers’ specific needs. We’re looking forward to explore the creativityRead More


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Beste verskaffer van DADIE Dankie vir n wonderlike program wat my help om my goeie diens aan my kliente te lewer. Dis fantasties om in die veld n nuwe klient op die sisteem te sit en sommer daar en danRead More


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Dear MacTron Systems Since using DADIE, it has made the administration of our club so much easier. The ease with which the program works, the instant access to the data of the memberships, and the very easy search function hasRead More

Techniworld CC

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Our website, Techniworld, is competing against some of the strongest supplier websites out there. There is no room for error and service is key. Thank you DADIE for bringing it all together!

Henry McKenzie

Henry is the CEO of Mactron and the brain behind DADIE. DADIE and Techniworld formed the DADIE Webshops joint venture. Henry’s quick portfolio: • Systems engineering design and integration. • Building and factory automation. • Project management and engineering. •Read More

Rooibos Solutions

Rooibos Solutions is a successful multilevel marketing website.

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